Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs)

Flexible intermediate bulk containers or FIBCs or simply big bags are industrial containers made of thick woven polypropylene (PP), either coated or uncoated varying in different designs and fabrics of each square bulk bag, depending upon the requisite container strength and safety working load (SWL)

  • A variety of bags can be customised in varying fabric densities, flowability, temperatures and characteristics
  • TPIs multi-purpose bulk bags are available in the widest range you could ask for
  • U/V Stabilization – All components of our FIBCs are UV stabilized
  • Printing – up to 4 shades

Standard Bag :The standard four loop bag is a workhorse design for FIBCs and bags all types of bulk materials. This design is available with all sewing pattern, inlet/outlet design and various closure options.

Type A Bags :Type A bags are constructed from a standard insulating fabric .The use of this type of FIBC may give rise to brush and propagating brush discharges. It is generally recommended that this type of FIBC is not used for flammable powders or in locations where flammable vapor or gas atmospheres may be present.

Type B Bags :Type B bags are constructed from an insulating fabric. However, the fabric or the fabric/ liner combination has a voltage breakdown strength of less than 6000 volts. The use of this type of FIBC may give rise to brush discharges. Type B bags may be used for transfer and storage of powders that require a spark with an energy of more than approximately 3mj for ignition, provided no flammable gas or vapor atmosphere is present.

Type C Bags :Also known as Electrostatic Type C Conductive bags, Type C bags are constructed from the insulating fabric with Inter woven conductive threads that are electrically inter–connected and aluminum or any other conductive coating on the inside surfaces. These bags may be used for the transfer and storage of powders in the presence of flammable gas and vapor atmospheres (MIE greater than 0.14mJ) provided that they are electrically grounded during filling and emptying operations.

Baffled Line Bag :The Baffled bag is preferred for transportation and storing products where best use of available space is essential is designed as an alternative to rigid forms of containers. The Baffle FIBC design utilizes inner baffles that maintain the original shape once the bag has been filled. This is achieved with perforated panels that ensure that the product flows uniformly into the corners.

Single Loop Bag :The Single Loop bags are very cost effective and suitable bags for bulk handling solutions. These are ideal for storing larger volume and high capacity contents like, fertilizers, fish-feed, cement, seeds, chemicals, minerals, food grains, etc. These bags are made using same material, Polypropylene and available in both inner liner and outer liner options. A variety of different designs of both the outer bag and the liner are available, i.e., filing and discharge spout, tray-base, suspended liner, multi-trip, UN approved for hazardous goods, etc.

Kraft Lined Paper Bags

  • Kraft Paper is paper produced from pulp produced in the kraft process
  • This paper is laminated to poly woven fabric with LDPE with or without liners inside the bags
  • These bags are light in weight, cost effective, moisture proof and without any seepage
  • We offer KLB bags, both in brown and white paper, with 3 colour printing on either side
  • Kraft Lined paper bags are useful to protect your product from sunlight or UV Rays
  • Printing on these bags give a much better appearance compared to ordinary woven sacks